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10 Profitable Digital Products to Sell in 2021

2020 was a year that shook the world but also a year for opportunity and growth. If you're a digital designer then this is especially your time to shine.

With more people staying at home, online purchases are skyrocketing. People are looking to purchase digital goods now more than ever. So here are 10 profitable digital products that you can create and sell in 2021.

1. Course & Webinar Templates.

Webinar Slide Deck by Eviory

2020 has seen a spurt in Course Creation. Since so many people have lost their jobs they are now turning to course creation to share their expertise with the world. And of course these new instructors need ready-made templates to make their course creation as smooth as possible. If you love designing layouts this is the perfect digital product to sell.

2. Ebook Templates.

Ebook Template by Eviory

Ebooks are a very common way for online businesses to build their email list. They usually offer these as freebies packed with valuable information for their audience and potential customers. You can design templates for this ever growing in demand digital product. Making it easy for business owners to get their info out into the world.

3. Mockups with Light & Shadow.

Light & Shadows by Mareike Bohmer

Many business owners are looking to convey a sense of natural realism when selling their products. Light & Shadows are definitely trending but are also timeless. They display a very warm and relaxed feeling that transcends all eras making this an evergreen product to sell.

4. Handwritten Fonts.

Modernline by Ef Studio

Handwritten/Signature fonts are becoming more and more popular. They once again create a sense of realism that oftentimes is lost in the digital world. Designing handwritten fonts is your way to help online businesses recapture that connection with the real world. They are also easy to create because you don't have to worry about perfecting the ligatures of each letter. Here unbalanced strokes are welcomed.

5. Realistic Mood Boards.

Realistic Mood Board Mockup by Feel This

Brand designers are always looking for mood boards and the more realistic the better. Create a mood board template that includes elements such as shadows and paper textures.

6. Hand Drawn Florals & Graphics.

Floral Spring Illustrations by Angele Kamp

If you love to doodle and draw sketches then maybe you should consider selling them. Hand drawn florals have become especially popular. Simply scan your drawings, remove the background and sell them as pngs with a transparent background. Brand designers love these for creating logos and business cards for their clients.

7. Abstract Graphics.

Abstract Modern Watercolor Shapes By Veris Studio in Graphics

If you love experimenting with watercolors and paints, then this is another digital product you could sell. Creating these are fun and easy to sell just like the previously mentioned hand drawn doodles.

8. Procreate Brushes.

Procreate Watercolor Kit by Katsia Jazwinska

Procreate is an extremely popular digital drawing app. And it is so easy to create custom brushes that you can sell. Procreate users are always looking for new brushes to experiment with for their drawings. This procreate kit by Katsia has nearly 2K likes and over 90 sales on Creative Market!

9. Logo Templates.

Animated Logo Template by Sunuy Studio

As new businesses spring up each day there is always a need and demand for logos. Creating logo templates offers a more affordable option for people who are just starting out and don't have the budget for expensive custom designs. If you have a passion for logo design then maybe selling logo templates will be a great option for you to explore.

10. Social Post Templates.

Millions of people are still using social media each day. And they are always looking for branded post templates that will help their online platforms look cohesive and consistently stand out. If you already good at creating branded content then this will be perfect for you!


Hopefully this list will serve as a guide to help you start creating your own digital products for this year and beyond.

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