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Before you say, "I Quit" do this first.

Being a freelancer sucks sometimes.

You have endure things like:

  • Dealing with magicians busting in your DMs asking, "How much for a logo?" Then disappearing faster than Houdini when you tell them the price.
  • Trying to get views on your valuable content but instagram would rather show your audience twerking reels .
  • Oh and then there's that annoyingly empty bank account during dry seasons.

It's. Just. So. Exhausting.

But here are some tips that I follow to keep me going when I just want to quit.

Take a Break

Sometimes all you need is a break.

Minute Breaks:

For every hour you work take a 5-10 minute break. Stretch. Drink some water. Step outside and let the run rays hit your face.

Hour Breaks:

Make sure you're eating. I have been guilty of just jumping out of bed and getting to work. But eating breakfast and stopping an hour for lunch can help you stay charged.

Day Breaks:

If you're working on your business 7 days a week. Stop. You need at least a day off to do nothing with your business. This includes no research no scrolling. Spend time with friends and family or just sleep. Turn off anything that has to do with your business.

Weekly/Monthly Breaks:

If you're on the brink of quitting. Just take a week off. Sometime a longer break really helps. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to close my course. But by just putting things on pause for a week or even a month makes me realise that I love what I do I just need me-time every once in a while.

Fall in Love Again

Pinterest is my my favorite place to find inspiration and fall in love with my craft again. When I see beautiful lettering art on pinterest, I start saving to my idea boards. It refuels my passion and gives me creative ideas to try. I usually also end up thinking to myself, "What was I thinking? I love what I do!"

Connect With Others

Ever seen a successful freelancer and ask yourself, "How do they stay consistent?" Well, stop asking yourself and ask them. They may share some useful tips for not giving up.

Also reach out to not so popular freelancers in your niche They may be feeling what you're feeling right now and you both can support each other to keep going. You could even choose to be each others accountability partners.

Still Not Feeling It?

If you tried all these and still feel like you want to quit. First ask yourself why? Is it because you're not making any money? Ask yourself "If I made x amount of money each month would I continue?" If the answer is yes. Then keep going. Keep trying different ways to promote your business. Something is bound to work inshaAllah

On the contrary if the answer is no. If you don't want to continue no matter how much money you made. Then maybe your time in this field has ended. Try something new. But before you put up a website and order business cards, make sure to test out different fields in private first

For example if you like painting instead of logo design then give yourself a 30 day challenge to make a small painting each day.

Whatever you choose make sure you have a passion for it. A love and passion for what you do is the driving force to help you to keep going.