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How to find out if they read your email and are ghosting you.

Have you ever sent an email for a job or collaboration and have not gotten a reply?

That's a dumb question. Of course you have!

We all have. But the real question is why?

Did they even see your email?

When you send emails the traditional way there's no way of telling if the recipient read your email. use an email platform like Flodesk.

(Flodesk is not sponsoring this post although I do have a referral link which everyone gets when they sign up.)

I've used Flodesk for the past 3 months and now it is the ONLY way I send important emails.

Flodesk tells you:

  • if the email was delivered
  • if it was opened
  • if any links were clicked

There is no more guessing if the person on the other end missed your email or are just ghosting you.

Now as scary as being ghosted sounds, it may not be as bad as you think.

So let's break things down:

  • If your email wasn't delivered, its most likely that you've entered the email incorrectly. So double check that you got the spelling right.

  • If your email was delivered but wasn't opened, its a possibility that it went to the recipient's junk folder. At this point it wouldn't make sense to resend it. Try to reach out to them through other avenues such as Linkedin or Instagram. Say something like, "I sent the following message to your business email but it may have went to your junk folder so I am attaching it here."

  • If it was opened but they didn't click on your portfolio. Don't be discouraged they may be very busy and didn't have time to read it all. Or they may have gotten distracted. Give them a few days and then send a follow up email.

  • If they read your email and did click on your portfolio link, then Congratulations! You have made your email interesting enough to make them click.

Now what?

If they at least opened your email, great. Now just give them 3-5 days to respond. If they don't respond just give them a friendly reminder. If they read your reminder and never respond, Congratulations you have officially been ghosted.

Now you can move on to the better opportunities that are waiting for you. At least now you no longer have to guess whether or not your emails have been read.

I can go on all day about all the amazing features of Flodesk, and maybe I will in a separate post. But the best way for you to learn how something works is to just try it out.

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